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Hi Team,

I am really surprised to see the level of unprofessional behavior and wrong commitments that are being done by the Barclay credit card department.

Unfortunately, I am user of Barclay gold and I have few complaints to which I require an immediate response.

Barclay's customer service department is highly insufficient in providing any solutions and does not transfer the call to the supervisor or the floor manager even on request.

I just called the Gurgaon customer service number and expressed my desire to speak with the manager floor, but an agent did not allow the call to go any further nor he was of nay help and did not even let me complete my statement (I am not taking names, as I don’t want anyone to loose on their jobs). On top of that the person sitting next to customer service executive was laughing continuously and I guess they had kept the phone on speaker which is entirely unethical.

There is a greater extent of un-coordination between the collections and customer service people. It is been two months that I am trying to get in touch with the manager of the Barclays credit card and every time I ask for him, the call is deliberately dropped.

I am really shocked with the service that is being offered by you. I am seriously considering the option of going to the court and filing a case of harassment against your credit card department.

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