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I am Rajesh kumar.

I received barclay card in January 2008. I had a made two transacions for 15,000rs and immediately called the customer care and converted to EMI with option of 12 months installments with 15% Rate of interest.

They asked me to pay EMI of 1500 rs every month 15th due date.

I paid march month due and at the end of that month i received a call from barclays and said that my amount was converted to EMI and the amount I paid is just the interest charge.

After a long conversation with several people in barclays agencies, after number of emails and efforts I am not successful, because they doesnt have any branch and facility.They just outsourced to different private agencies for collection.

The worst customer service I ever seen in my life.

Rajesh kumar


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Because of an auto accident that we were the victim of we started to have trouble making payments to our card in April 2010.I called to let them know what was going on.

Soon we were getting up to 5 to 7 calls a day. I sent them a letter by fax and their web site explaining what was going on and that we wanted to pay our debt instead of bankruptcy. AND do not call me at work. My husband was still off due to injuries and I didn't want to lose my job.

Well they called me at work. I sent another copy of the letter. And today they called me again. The message was taken by another employee so I called them back and the women argued they had not called me.

I explained we had VOIP and I could get a copy of all calls coming in and out of our office. I asked to talk to her supervisor and she refused. Don't let this company get away with any abuse towards you. There are plenty of ways to get them to change their practices.

The FTC, the Attorney Generals. I'm calling a lawyer.

I've tried to work with them.I've had enough!

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