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I just applied and was approved for a Barclay llbean Visa online.Their website wouldn't allow me to access my site.

The customer service said they couldn't help me. They repeatedly took my personal information, and said that I didn't have an account. Told me that they wouldn't be able to solve this for me and that I would have to call in a couple of days since they would not call me with a solution. What was supposed to be simple is turning out to be a nightmare!

I wish I had never applied for this credit card!!!

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:( Someone,and probably a Barclay employee, carried out a balance transfer, $3000 from my card.It took me two weeks to notice it as I do not regularly check my CC's transaction history.

I've never done a balance transfer using the Barclay card (and why would I, there's no incentive and their rates are amongst the highest). No one from the fraud detection department contacted me for my authorization prior to the transaction, nor after it was completed. Naturally I reported it to to them immediately upon noticing it. I use auto pay where I pay my credit card balances in for this card as well as most my othere CCs.

Six weekes after my reporting it to them, placing the $3000 transaction in dispute, they go ahead and extract these $3000 (as well as my personal tranactions) from my checking account. The same checking account I use to pay my mortgage, car payment, and utilities. It took my about two months (no kidding!) to get those $3000 back from them. Adding further to my problem they charged me a fee for placing that fraudulent transaction as well as interest from the day it posted.

As expected their customer support service representatives are in "third world" countries and I merely provided them with a good laugh.Naturally I closed both my Barclay Bank Visa Cards (LL Bean and BJ's Warehouse) and shredded them.



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Linda, No9 above, The exact same thing happened to me, My first notice about anything was 3 months later and went from $40.00 to 130.00. If you read this I'd like to know if you paid it.




we applied for a card turned down Bank of america changed to your card


u.s.prosecutors revealed that barclays bank had facilitated payments for cuba, iran, libya, sudan and burma among others, between 1995 and 2006 violating the international emergency economic powers and the trading with the enemy acts.

court documents state that barclays " knowingly and willfully facilitated u.s. dollars transactions" for a number of parties and countries that were under sanction by the u.s. treasury. barclays accepted the charges and will pay $298m to u.s.

authorities. i would like to know why ll bean is still issuing this card to it's customers? resently my card was canceled reason given i had to many cards. i have been a customer of ll beans for many years.

i have never had a late payment nor maxed my card out. i don't spend thousands of dollars but i spend enough and give alot of free advertisment. i wasn't aware that having alot of cards and half have no balance on them was a reason to cancel i guess paying on time is not good enough anymore. i love ll beans service and products but am a very unhappy xcustomer with alot of friends.

these people have no right to judge me.they should be kicked out of our country.


Barclays declined my credit card, even though I have a $25,000 credit limit because we used it at a grocery store in another state.$120.

I called, they said they lifted the restriction...again 3 days later in the same grocery for $60. Then we made our payment posted the next day and they fined us $39 in late fee.

Pay off our bill every month.We are switching to another card..these guys are frustrating.


Worst company ever. Said I was late, untrue then raised my rate to 27% I was never able to access website must of talked to 4 different people no one knew how to acess the correct web site. I cancelled my card, I am thinking of taking them to court and filing suit.


I am also in the process of cancelling my vaunted LL Bean card; a payment was never processed correctly on the website-I didn't know it-my rate went sky high because of "late payment" even though it was not late according to my credit report. I tried to work with customer service-no luck-they reluctantly agreed to set up a phone payment. After a lifetime of excellent credit ratings this card was a nightmare!!


I also canceled my card after being an excellent customer for many years.I usually pay balance monthly but in October I was on vacation for 4 months.

When I returned and opened my mail I saw a bill for $128.00. I immediately went on the internet to pay it but it was at 9:00 (2 hours after the cutoff date but still the due date. Two weeks later I received a letter increasing my interest rate. I thought that was over the top for a payment made on the due date but 2 hours after an arbitrary cutoff time.

In speaking with 2 "customer service???" reps and a manager, they stated they did not have any authority to recind the increase interest rate.

I speaking with another manager I was told that the manager did indeed have the power to recind, but apparently chose not to.The other manager said her decision may have been different but she "couldn'e onlyt do anything" because I had choses to "opt out" (which was the only option I had at the time) LLBean which offers optimum customer service should not continue doing business with Barclay as they will cause LLBean to lose customers

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